Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I keep doing it

Lets see….

  • Flowers bought 4 weeks ago, not planted yet.
  • Finish trimming the dining room, not bought yet.
  • Finish trimming the kitchen ceiling, not started.
  • Paint my front door, spray paint bought.
  • Sell two of my strollers, pictures taken.
  • Put the dog up for adoption, kind of sort of done.
  • Sew hats and put up for sale.

I keep procrastinating on these tasks and believe me, I have some really good excuses for doing so.

  • To much pollen outside, my allergies are bothering me.
  • My brother in law have not bought them yet.
  • My neck hurts to much to work on the ceiling.
  • To cold outside to leave the front door off for a few hours.
  • To scary with all the craigslist murders and robberies.
  • My kids love her too much.
  • To busy with the kids.

So what have I done?

  • I have had a lot of fun with my kids and my husband.
  • I have made two pieces of artwork.
  • I have redone my master bedroom.
  • I have purged and organized.
  • I have washed windows.
  • I have washed kitchen cabinets.
  • I sewed slipcovers for my chairs.
  • I made baby shower gifts.
  • And a whole lot more I can’t even remember.

This week coming up I will

  • Wednesday: Clean my mother in laws house; wash floors at home; do laundry; wash walls at home; clean my netbook; clean grout in kitchen and powder room.
  • Thursday: Clean my bathrooms; cook up my ground meat; bake; ok ok I will plant flowers; clean up my craft table.
  • Friday: Sew something; clean something; if it’s not raining…it is Seattle folks I will do my kitchen ceiling.
  • Saturday: Make a dent in the community mulch pile.
  • Sunday: Organize my calendar; clean up a little; post some ads.
  • Monday: Grocery shop; run errands.

It is now in black and white, a day to day plan. Will I make it?

Linking up to Amy’s Anti Procrastination Tuesday at New Nostalgia.


Marie @ Chocolate-Covered Chaos said...

It sounds like a good plan! It also sounds like you did get a lot don't be too hard on yourself;)
ps. I don't like Craig's list people coming to my house when I'm alone, either!

Jenner said...

I am tired just reading this. And I agree about having any strangers come to my house when I am home alone!! I don't even answer the door when my hubby isn't here.

gevens a1 said...

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