Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Getting things done

Last week I had a long list of things I need to get done by today. I am happy to report that I finished most of it by Monday. It has actually been so busy I have hardly had time to post anything lately. Here is a recap of what got done and the few things that didn’t.

  • Kitchen ceiling: cut trim, put it up, spackle, sand, clean and paint ceiling.
  • Dining room: Clean off craft table, cut trim, paint trim, put it up, clean walls and repaint.
  • Entry: Sand the door, wash it, paint it. Plant flowers and spruce up the stairs.
  • Walls, baseboards and doors: clean them off with manpower.
  • Master bedroom: Pack up books, disassemble bookshelf, purge, pick up, make bed ready for guests, spackle, sand, paint, and put up new curtain rod. Wash window and vacuum.
  • Walk in closet: Purge, pack away and organize. Vacuum.
  • Master bath room: Purge, clean, organize cabinets. Change light bulbs. Make ready for guests, wash floors, sinks and bathtub.
  • Hallway: Do laundry, purge and reorganize Sofie’s closet. Vacuum and pick up.
  • Bathroom: Organize laundry area. Purge, clean and organize cabinets.
  • Kids bedroom: Go through preschool papers and artwork. Purge, pick up organize and vacuum.

I think that should be it.

The few things that are left on my list is fine if it waits till closer to the day we actually have our condo listed. This week I am taking the week off. I still have a few things I need to get done, but mostly I am just enjoying having family visit with us.

Till next time I need to

  • make a newsletter for MOPS.
  • make teacher appreciation gifts for the PTA.
  • get my house back together after the guests leaves.
  • purge and organize the water closet room.

Thank you for keeping me accountable, I really appreciate all your comments and encouragements.

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Lora said...

I sucked at my list. I don't even know what it says. :)
i need to go look and GET ON IT!
thanks for the reminder, friend.

Rosanna said...

hahahaha! I have discovered your blog. No more hiding Marianne!

Good job on your to-do list btw! I love being able to cross things off.

Amy Bowman said...

whoa!! that is some great accomplishments!! very inspiring. Thanks for linking up and being such a great, faithful reader! Blessings to you, Marianne..