Sunday, April 10, 2011

Grateful Sunday 19

Today is my birthday. I was born on a Tuesday back home in Norway after what was a high risk pregnancy. They were afraid that my mom would loose me, either a miscarriage or just have me too early. They were very wrong. I was still high risk as my mom neared the due date because I was breach and because they were afraid was getting too big for my mom to birth naturally they started her early in the morning on April 10th. By mid day my mom had had enough and cranked the drip up and by 6 PM I was born a perfectly healthy baby girl.

I was born in Bodø, Norway.

In my life there has been many people and things that I am grateful for

181. My mom, who raised me mostly by herself as my dad was away for work and who despite her many faults raised me well.

182. My dad, who always worked hard to make a good life for me and my mom, and who taught me to be strong.

183. My dads mother who taught me the importance of telling others you love them and how to love God.

184. My moms mom who taught me all about crafting and perseverance .

185. My dads dad who taught me all about being a friend and after his death became sort of my guide to finding Jesus in my life.

186. Being able to forgive those who hurt me for years by the love of Jesus.

187. My friends who showed me I was an important friend to them.

188. Having the resources that I needed to become an exchange student, which led to me meeting my husband.

189. Becoming a member of the youth group at my American church where they wrote down all the qualities that they appreciated about me and thereby boosting my self esteem.

190. Having so many friends in my life that really care about me and who teaches me so much about love and grace.

I have celebrated my birthday for two days now. Yesterday I treated my best friend to a day at a spa and my husband took care of the kids all day. Today my husband had to work, but me and the kids went to church, they had a babysitter while I went to a baby shower and my husband treated me with a huge bouquet of Tulips and took me and the kids out for dinner. I am so grateful for my husband, my kids and my life. 


Marie @ Chocolate-Covered Chaos said...

Aww...HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARIANNE! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. I bet those tulips are beautiful:)

brindisi family said...

happy belated birthday!!! i'm glad you got a day out with a friend!