Saturday, April 23, 2011

Our week in pictures

Sunday we went for dinner at my mother in laws house. The weather was beautiful and quite warm so while we waited for hubby to arrive we played outside.

CIMG4254 CIMG4272 CIMG4274 CIMG4284

Tuesday we gave Laika away to a new family. We met them at a park and since the weather was so nice, I decided to try to have a photo shoot. The first picture of Laika and Sofie was a daily thing at our house. Every day Sofie would hand feed Laika. Wednesday she walked around the whole house with a hand full of cat food calling for Laika. Needless to say it broke my heart to see her search for her best friend. Unfortunately we just could not keep Laika any longer as my allergies to her is getting worse and we are about to sell our condo and look for a rental.

CIMG4301 CIMG4311

Laika was very much Isabel’s dog. I love this picture of them.

CIMG4307  CIMG4325 CIMG4340

Kisses and playing and rolling on the ground. Best friends forever.

CIMG4329 CIMG4332 

Wednesday Sofie and I cleaned over at my mother in laws house. She always plays with her dollies while I clean. I came into the living room to get something and found this. She is sitting in the babydoll bed feeding her little babies the bottle. See those pigtails? For a while she wouldn’t let us take them out at all and would cry if they fell out. She looks so much older with her hair up. Silly little girl.

CIMG4350 CIMG4351


Beth said...

Beautiful week! My daughter had a party for her friends, which actually include a bunch of my friends. She is very mature for her short 17 years. Any way, she made a photo video of pictures of her over the years. It's very hard to watch because my baby is so grown up. It's very fun to watch because by baby is so beautiful and such a young lady I can be so very proud of. Thanks for sharing your week. Have a great weekend.

Jenner said...

I LOVED these photos! Laika is such a beautiful dog. Don't you love how gentle they are with our little ones? Certainly a little girl's best friend.

paula devi said...

what beautiful, happy looking girls you have! Laika is so sweet with them. Does the name Laika have a meaning? The photos are so joyful. Thank you for introducing me to you blog. I'm a follower now.

Beth said...

Sounds like you all have had quite the week, too. Hope you have room for a nap soon! =)
I started reading Sidetracked Home Executives this week and the part where she talks about cleaning her house is hilarious! Every time I think about cleaning in a big way, I will have the image of her fiasco in my mind. Have you read it?

Gez said...

Fabulous pics :) You have a lovely family :)
Loved the last photographs..something my daughter did when she was younger! Happy memories :)