Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Cleaning Day 6


One thing I don’t think about doing very often is cleaning my grout. Thank goodness I don’t have much of it in my house, there is only grout on my kitchen counters and on my powder room floor. Anna at Ask Anna is doing a Spring Cleaning and our task there is to clean the grout in our homes.

I assessed the grout in my powder room and found that it was clean. We barely use that room. The floor needs to be washed though.

In my kitchen I have tiles on my counters and a couple of years ago I had to redo all the grouting. Unfortunately the store (who shall remain nameless) advised me to buy the wrong grout and it is now a very sandy grout instead of smooth. Since I did put sealant on them then they really aren’t bad now except around the sink.

Ask Anna has a tutorial on how to clean your grout, but I was stubborn and wanted to try a tip I read somewhere else (I can’t remember where now). The tip said to use Oxyclean paste to clean your grout. This is how that went.


My tools. Oxy Clean, a toothbrush, a little cup with water. I also used a sponge and a rag.


I applied generously and then I left it for a few hours (mostly because I had to go to my mother in law to eat dinner).CIMG4248 

When I came home it had dried. I am not sure if that is why it didn’t work as well as I had hoped for.


The black around my sink is still there, but it isn’t grout right there though. My grout is nice a clean again. Right here (sorry I forgot to take a before picture here) there was a spot of blue food coloring that I have scrubbed on for a year. It is now gone. Grout is sealed and ready to go.

Will I advise others to use Oxy Clean for this? Maybe, but it sure does make a mess. Next time I might try the spray instead.

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Anna said...

Great job! I've never heard of that, maybe I'll have to give it a try sometime.