Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Cleaning Optional Day


We are still on Spring Break and on Thursday we decided to go see the capitol of the State of Washington. The day turned out beautiful, the kids did great on the drive and we had a wonderful day exploring part of Olympia. Having lunch at the farmers market, seeing people protesting at the Governors office and taking a walk down to the Lake where we were bird watching. We didn’t get home until bedtime and we were exhausted.


I still wanted to do the days task of cleaning my refrigerator that Ask Anna had posted, but it was too late and I was too tired.

Friday morning I cleaned my refrigerator as soon as I got up. It needed it.


The shelves in the doors where crusty. They are so easy to clean as they have a blue liner that you can take out without removing the whole shelf, but I tend to forget and then I end up having to clean the whole shelf instead.

CIMG4198 CIMG4202

There were a few items that needed to be disposed of, but most of it was fine. I had an extra shelf that I had had to remove from the right side due to oversized bottles not fitting anywhere else. I made room for the shelf on the left side and it seems to work out just fine.


The door to the right had a lot of stuff that needed to go. Now it is easier to find the things I use the most.


The left side door really doesn’t have much in it, and didn’t need any rearranging. The freezer is not too long since I cleaned it and it is so full I can barely get the drawers out. I will see if it needs to be cleaned again next time I manage to empty it out. The coils and under the refrigerator gets cleaned at least twice a month here due to my furry friends. It is amazing how fast the little dust bunnies gather under there especially in the spring when both the dog and the cat is shedding.

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Anna said...

That looks awesome! Good job!