Saturday, May 14, 2011

The latest books I’ve read

For my birthday my mom gave me a Sony E-reader and with it a new world opened to me. I can finally find time to read again. My reader is easy to bring in my handbag and while the kids are playing I can read no matter where we are. This has enabled me to read 400 page thick books again.

Angels of Destruction: A Novel

Angels of Destruction I really liked. Throughout the book you learn about the mother and father who lost their only child when she ran away from them. You learn about the daughter and her misguided boyfriend. And all throughout the story is a little girl with chopped hair and glasses that helps them all come to terms with what has happened.

I really enjoyed this book and I still don’t know what to make of the little girl. If you ever have read it or if you ever read it, please let me know your theories on this little girl.

The Help

I read about The Help in my local newspaper and knew I had to read it especially after hearing my dear old friend Lois tell me stories from when she worked in the black wing of a hospital in the south.

There is three voices in this book, two are black housekeepers and one is a white young woman. Together they are experiencing the months counting down to the Big  March on Washington. Collecting the stories of the housekeepers, good and bad while fearing for their lives.

For someone like me who doesn’t know the American history very well it was very interesting to get a look into the southern ways of living only 50 years back.

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