Friday, May 13, 2011

Ready to Sell

We’re there. Today is the day that the realtor came and took the pictures for our ad and now our condo is on the market.

We got everything done last week. Of course I am several days late in writing this post because I’ve just had way to much to do as you can probably understand.

My condo is pristine as long as you don’t open the doors to my storage area under my stairs or the kids big closet.

Lets look back at my last to do lists.

Isabel’s to do list

  • Norwegian Homework
  • Purge outdoor clothes
  • Purge shoes
  • Pick up and organize toys

Sofie’s to do list

  • Purge and organize toys
  • Dust and clean table tops

Jesse’s to do list

  • Prime and paint living room walls
  • Drop stuff off at Goodwill
  • Use carpet cleaner in living room
  • Post stuff on Craigslist

Marianne’s to do list

  • Prep walls in living room
  • Attach molding in dining room
  • Touch up paint
  • Clean the floors downstairs
  • Use carpet cleaner in living room
  • Purge and organize storage closet
  • Help kids with chores
  • Make dinner list for May
  • Organize outdoor clothes closet
  • Clean baseboards
  • Clean powder room
  • Buy and hang up curtain rods and curtains in laundry room
  • Put away Easter decor
  • Decorate living room for sale
  • Clean decks

It feels good to be done. Now comes the hard job of keeping the condo as pristine as possible. Not easy when you have two kids where one is a toddler. Any time people might call to ask to come see it and we have to pick up and get out of here before they come. It will be interesting having strangers coming through our condo every once in a while.

Now I just have to get on to my next task which is preparing a double birthday party for my girls the second weekend of June.


Marie @ Chocolate-Covered Chaos said...

No wonder you're exhausted! I'll be praying for a quick sell :)

brindisi family said...

good ;uck with it all. try not to stress too much! i'll be praying for you guys!!

Jenner said...

You must feel great to see everything checked off of your lists!

brooke said...

I can't believe you got through this list!!! What a ton of work.