Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saturday Coffee and lot’s on my mind.

I am so tired today. The weather is beautiful and I just spent three hours at my mother in laws helping her with some weeding. I have so much I should be doing at home, but it was so nice to be outside chatting with the neighbors and mil and having the kids play with all the other kids in the neighborhood. Where we live there are kids, but we are on different schedules and rarely get to play together outside.

Last Saturday we went to the zoo for the Easter egg hunt there. I really thought Sofie would just freak out by the eggs and start throwing them around, but she got busy and picked as many eggs as she could. Isabel found a special golden egg which she got to keep.

CIMG4368 CIMG4380 CIMG4391

This week my cousin from Norway were visiting with her family. Having my family here was so nice, but I am feeling so much more homesick now. My cousin and I never really knew each other growing up as I am eight years younger than she. It wasn’t till my oldest and her youngest was born that we actually met and got to know each other. Isabel and Sol is born only three months apart and they have so much fun together despite one speaking Norwegian and the other one English.


I had Isabel skip school on Wednesday so that we could take her cousin to the zoo. We spent the whole day there and had so much fun. No one should ever go to Seattle and not see the Troll under the bridge in Freemont. So of course I had to get lost to find it and by the time we got there it was pouring down, but we got the required pictures.


My parents are already at our summerhouse. They got there before Easter this year and as far as I know they have big plans this year for the garden. At least I hope so. Usually they grow potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, onion, salads and lots of flowers.

My cousin and her family will actually be in the area as well while we are in Norway and we will be able to visit with them there. We are so excited about that.

Seattle Sounders just beat Toronto 3-0. Yes we are a soccer family. Well my husband is the soccer fan, but I actually coached a boys soccer team at one point and I do take some interest to it.

It is bedtime now, but first I need some ice cream and then I’ll do the pictures and posting it tomorrow. Hopefully I will be back at posting every day again next week.

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Anonymous said...

I have never seen/heard of this troll before. Definitely on my list if/when we head up that way.

Susan said...

Sounds like you had a terrific time with family!

Kathleen @ Kath Ink said...

What fun! I love that the cousins enjoy one another in spite of the language differences. That is neat. I like that troll under the bridge -- definitely worth getting lost for.

I can relate to feeling more homesick after I see family. Normally, life is without them. But once we reconnect, my heart is aware of the miles/time in-between.

Beth said...

Awesome day! I love the troll. We have some odd tourist attractions around here, don't we? We had such lovely weather this weekend so it's hard to have all this rain today. Thanks for sharing your beautiful sunny Saturday with us. Have a great rest of your week.