Wednesday, January 11, 2012

5 Tips to Clean Bathrooms

Cleaning the bathrooms is one of the chores that I do the most often and that I find easiest to find time to do. It is so easy to just do it when you are already there and if you have all your tools there and don’t need to run around the house to gather them.

  1. Keep rags (I use old wash cloths), sponges, swiffer dry mops and cleaning solutions in every bathroom – all you need is a little basket to contain it all IMG_0114
  2. Keep one rag handy to wipe off counters when you go to bed every night.
  3. Spray and scrub the tub or shower after your take your weekend shower – spray as you get out, let sit while you dress and then scrub and rinse
  4. If you have children have them wash their own bathroom and if they can’t wash their bathrooms while the kids are playing in the bathtub during bath time
  5. A couple of times a week take a swiffer dry mop and step on it, guide it around the floor and into the corners that you can reach for easy sweeping

Every so often I do a more thorough cleaning, but this keeps it very clean over long periods of time.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I only wish my bathrooms stayed as clean as yours must. Sounds very tidy.