Wednesday, January 11, 2012

10 Tips to a Clean and Organized Fridge and Freezer

Before                                After


From dirty to clean in no time


I have found that all tasks big and small are connected in some way and here are five tips that are connected and all have to do with keeping your fridge clean and organized.

  1. Menu plan – even if it is only for a week at the time
  2. Grocery shopping – only once a week which is made possible by menu planning
  3. Remove expired foods and eat all leftovers the day before grocery shopping
  4. Clean all the shelves once a week when removing the old and expired foods and make sure there are no spills hiding under the vegetable boxes
  5. Every time you wash dishes take a microfiber towel and wipe off the outsides of the fridge and freezer

Before pictures


After pictures


For the freezer I have found that this works for me

  1. Menu plan – always check what you have in the freezer first and unless there is a very good sale use what you have
  2. Grocery shopping – only buy on good sales, but make sure you can fit it all in the freezer or use it all before expiration date
  3. Once every six months try to use up everything in the freezer, the best time of the year is around Holidays and big sports events like the Super ball when prizes on some items go lower than usual and you can stock up
  4. When the freezer is near empty, take out everything and clean it thoroughly with a damp microfiber rag
  5. When putting everything back in organize it and make sure everything is labeled

By the way labeling everything that goes in the freezer is the smart thing to do or you will end up like me with a lot of beef that I have no idea what is for which makes for lesser than fun surprises when cooking.

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