Wednesday, January 11, 2012

5 Tips to Cleaning out your Closets

I go through periods where I won’t buy clothes for years and then all of the sudden I’ll buy an almost whole new wardrobe. It all depends on where I am size wise and how worn out my clothes are. There are many ways of organizing your closet, but I want to share mine. This is what I have found to work for me as we are preparing to move to Norway and now I know exactly what I need to purchase before my move.

  1. Remove anything that does not belong in the closet
  2. Divide your clothes into groups of what you would use them for – I have training, hiking/biking, church clothes/party clothes, every day/work clothes.
  3. Go through it all and either mend or throw out any clothes with tears or holes – throw out anything with stains in them
  4. Donate anything you have not used in the last year – if you are waiting to shrink into it if it is not a classic chances are that it is out of fashion when you finally fit it again
  5. Hang everything in the groups that you divided them into or find decorative boxes to put everything into on the shelves.

Hope this will help you.

This time I cleaned out my closet and my oldest daughters closet. My daughters closet is the biggest closet in the house and where we keep some toys and anything that is not used right now. I had six boxes full of things that were packed this spring in wait of a future move, that is still in the future, stored in there and managed by going through them all to give three to donations and keep only three boxes. Feels good to have less stuff.

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brooke said...

I have got to do this! I am going to have to do the kids closet for sure. Right away.