Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Peak at Our Thanksgiving


This years Thanksgiving Festivities were held at my sister in laws house. She, a friend and my mother in law were responsible for the food and I got to do the decorating. The china and silver belongs to my mother in law. We had 18 people altogether as family had flown in from the East coast, Arizona and California to help celebrate our last Thanksgiving in this country.


Even the sun peaked out and blessed us with its presence.


The traditional Canned Cranberry that my sister in law just has to have.


One of two types of turkey. My mother in law had a whole turkey smoked and then baked one breast. They were both delicious.


My homemade Cranberry sauce anno 2010. Yes it kept very well in the freezer.


My sister in laws homemade mashed potatoes. Every time we gather for a dinner that calls for mashed potatoes we all request that she brings it.


My sister in law and her husband celebrated their wedding anniversary the day after Thanksgiving and had their special glasses out for their anniversary toast.


The girls actually stood still long enough for me to capture their pictures and these even made it onto our Christmas cards.


I filled cornucopias with some decorative leaves, pumpkins and straws and put on a ledge behind the sofa. My sister in law had some big homemade ornaments that we hung from the ceiling.


A cheese platter with the best brie ever.


A friend of ours made a veggie turkey.


The vegetarian dish, unfortunately I don’t remember what this was.


Heaven on earth. Bacon covered water chestnuts drenched with maple syrup and baked in the oven. Yummy…


Homemade Pumpkin bread made by me. Mmm I still have a loaf in my freezer…

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brooke said...

We have to have the canned cranberry's too. Not sure why.