Sunday, May 25, 2014

Grateful Sunday 38

I am switching between Sundays and Mondays on this as I am out of routine with blogging.
That is just how it is when it has been two years since I last blogged regularly. I think it is a good thing I have this one post once a week to get me started again, then I just have to find other topics to write about as I stumble along.

This week though I am grateful for
271. Meetings that went really well.
272. A running program that works.
273. Medicine that keeps me level even though there is a lot of stress.
274. A family who is supportive during times of stress at work.
275. Having people telling me to my face they appreciate all the work I do.
276. A community that comes together for social gatherings at the local community house.
277. The forrest getting greener each day as the snow melts away.
278. All the birds returning and singing their songs.
279. The midnight sun has returned and makes me so happy.
280. This years first grill party on Saturday with my whole family there, aunt, uncle and two cousins.

This upcoming week has a lot of new adventures to it and I am both excited and anxious about it.
Hope you all have a great week.a

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