Monday, May 26, 2014

Our Farm house

I thought I would show you all our home. We bought it fall of 2012 and moved in right before Christmas. We really enjoy our home and are trying to find ways of making it more ours. Currently we have no farm animals except of a cat and a dog. And we rent out our land to someone who has horses.
IMG 0741The picture is taken in the fall when we bought the house. It has four bedrooms, one bath and a powder room. Three storage rooms, a combined living dining room, and big kitchen.  In the basement there is a laundry room, garage, and three more storage rooms.
IMG 0739The first part of the barn where they used to have cows at one point.
IMG 0740The second part of the barn where the hay used to be stored. IMG 0839This is how much snow we had the first winter in our new home. I spent a whole day shoveling it out of the way to get into the barn. IMG 0408A winter shot of our home

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Kevin Kelley said...

Wow! Your farmhouse is amazing! Having a place like that doesn't just offer wonderful sceneries and refreshing feelings, it is also the best place to do agricultural projects, such as raising livestock and planting crops that can sustain your daily needs, both for personal and business necessities. Ain't that satisfying? Anyway, thanks for sharing that with us! All the best to you and to your family!

Kevin Kelley @ Ronald Harris Ravens Worth