Thursday, June 19, 2014

Look at our living room in Norway

Our living and dining room is one great big room and I wanted to show you parts from it together with the kitchen. Come join me on this little tour. 
One of my favorite corners of our dining room area. The suitcase was my parents, the black and brown boxes on top were writing cases belonging to my grandparents on my fathers side made by my great grandfather, on top is a small iron from my grandmother on my mothers side. Behind the candles is a small tray made by my uncle, the red box is a heart given to me by my cousin, and on the wall is a clock, currently not working, from my grandparents on my fathers side. In the frame is a record that my husbands grandfather plays on. 

Our TV corner. The three pictures left from right are one a gift to me from the University of Tromso when I graduated, two a gift to Sofie from my cousin and three a native american art piece from my husbands father. The big chest under the TV is my inheritance from one of my favorite uncles who died almost ten years ago. 

The fire place. The lantern was a gift from my aunt and uncle, the milk pail was here when we moved in and the big round pail is my dads old bathtub from when he was a child. 

I like it simple, but my windows are filled with plants. 

The dining room area with the door to the kitchen. 

On the other side of the kitchen door and across from the fire place. My husbands drum set and my book shelves. A little crowded, but I'm trying to organize it better. 

Our kitchen with its one green wall that we will paint as soon as we can. I made a great big magnet wall for all the papers that comes into our house from a metal sheet. It is my favorite part of the kitchen. 

So that was the tour of our living, dining and kitchen. The rest of the house consists of four bedrooms, a bath, a powder room, laundry room and several small storage rooms. 

Thank you for visiting. 


netablogs said...

I love that you own so many things with a history behind them. I have a few items passed to me from my grandma, which I really cherish. I'm wondering what's in a writing case? That sounds intriguing!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Marianne said...

In the good old days they used to have their ink and pens in the writing cases. Paper and pencils too. When I got them they were both empty, but my dad told me he remembered them using them in the fifties and sixties.