Sunday, June 15, 2014

Grateful Sunday 41

This week sure was busy getting ready for the birthday parties. Sometimes when it gets busy it is hard to see what you are grateful for. I have had to think hard when I sat down this afternoon, but I found so many little things from these two birthday parties I have hosted that I am grateful for that I was able to throw together a list. Now I just want to put a sign around my neck...

This week I am grateful for
301. The hugs that Isabels friends gave me at the party.
302. The help I received from my whole family in making these parties possible.
303. The fact that I have an old barn to hold the parties in when it is raining.
304. My husband making dinner on a busy day.
305. The sun shining through the skies.
306. All the moms and dads who came and stayed at Sofies birthday party.
307. Finding that I kind of have green fingers when it comes to potted plants.
308. All the wonderful friends my kids have made since we moved here.
309. Bubbels and balloons and the fun kids have of them.
310. My husband for putting the kids to bed.

What are you grateful for?

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