Monday, June 9, 2014

The perfect conditions

I didn't get anything done today as I was waiting for the perfect conditions to go outside.
The weather has been so nice for so long and all of the sudden it had to start raining. 
I still have to get the barn ready for the party, but I will ask my dad to help with that as it is something we can do despite the rain.  
I also have more painting to do, but for that I will have to wait till it stops raining. 

Tomorrow is the last day of my bipolar class I have been taken the past few months. It is a class where we learn to live with bipolar, we learn how to handle stress and are given tools to use during manic attacks and depressions. On our last day we are to bring our families and my whole family wants to attend. Tomorrow they will be able to learn about being bipolar and what they can to do help me in my ups and downs. I have the very best family. 

I am still struggling to find things to write about, but since nobody except me seems to know that this blog is out here I guess I can write whatever I want to. 

So I guess I will take these wise words to heart and just get it done tomorrow.

What do you need to get done?

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