Sunday, June 1, 2014

Grateful Sunday 39

It is a beautiful morning. Everyone is still sleeping. We are having a long weekend with Thursday and Friday off. Staying home this weekend just taking it easy. Feeling blessed in so many ways and so grateful for

281. The beautiful weather we are having.
282. The forrest getting greener every day.
283. Being done with the yard work that needed be done this spring. Although I have not been able to make a vegetable garden this year either.
284. My husband getting down on the floor with the youngest one and making her a fancy railroad with our Brio train sets.
285. Being able to run almost 20 minutes straight.
286. Quiet mornings alone while everyone else is sleeping.
287. Being able to see good friends again and spending time with them.
288. Knowing my parents will come to visit on Monday and stay a while.
289. The energy I am having, but still knowing my medicine is doing its job.
290. Knowing that I have so many friends in the US who are looking forward to seeing me this summer.

What are you grateful for this week?

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