Monday, June 21, 2010

Anti Procrastination Tuesday

Yet again it is Tuesday. Guess what... I actually picked up my whole house on Saturday and blogged about it yesterday here.

One of the ways I fight my procrastinating tendicies is to do 10 minute challenges. Just like I did on Saturday. Of course sometimes I have to give myself a little bit longer time to do something, but generally it really helps to at least time myself.

I just found that I have something in common with actor Bradley Whitford (who played Josh Lyman in The West Wing). No, I'm not going to star in any new TV show or anything, but I just read an article in Good Housekeeping where he shares one of his best tips on how he downsizes. He, like me, has found a solution on the amounts of papers and artwork our children bring home from school. We take pictures of everything and when our children don't see it, we throw all of it in the garbage. Well except for a few pieces that we just have to keep.

I had planned on doing this for so long. Isabel were in pre-school last year and brought home so much artwork that I filled two bags with it. It is currently taking up room in my daughters closet and I still haven't done anything about it. Still I did manage to get all the kindergarden school work and artwork delt with the other day. I thought it was going to take days, but it only took an hour or so.

This is one of the first artworks she made in kindergarden. It is in the garbage now, but I will always keep this picture as a memory. Eventually I will do this with everything from pre-school as well, and then I will scrapbook these pictures and put them in a box with the artwork that I do save.

I have procrastinated long enough on this, but unfortunately the rest will have to wait another couple of weeks as we have a big birthday party to prepare for this Saturday.

Sofie is turning 1 on Saturday and Isable is turning 6 next Thursday and we will have a big party on Saturday. No more procrastination here for the rest of the week. I got to get ready for this party. Decorations, food and a pinata. Guess today will be spent running errands, unless I wait with that till tomorrow. Yes I know I am procrastinating here, but I always finish in time no matter what.

See you all next week for another Anti-Procrastionation Tuesday.


Amy Bowman said...

i've wanted to do this, too. Isn't it a great idea?
maybe come fall...:)
thanks for linking up again this week, I have just loved getting to know you!

Jane said...

We take pics of our artwork, too, and scrapbook it....but then we send the originals to the grandparents. They just love to hang those little creations on their fridge and share it with their visitors (I end up with so much it's the time I divide it out for them it's a treat for them and not a chore.) :) Stopping over from AP Tuesday.

*Nikki* said...

great idea on taking pictures of art little girl is turning two in Aug..and she goes to preschool...we don't get alot but if i saved it would be overwhelming...

good luck with the parties!

paige said...

I have a friend who photographs all of the artwork of her three kids and then recycles. What a great idea!