Sunday, June 20, 2010

Crafts, cake and my baby.

So Sofie is still sick, but she is slowly getting better. She started out teething, then she got a really bad ear infection of which the first antibiotics didn't work on, then when she finally started to get better with a new antibiotic she gets a virus. It has been a hard week and a half.

I have not taken the time to do any crafts this whole time. I'm barely taking time to cook for the rest of the family. Honestly it is mostly because I find it hard to cook or do anything with only one free arm.

Still due to a lot of gagging accidents in her bed (she is trying to relieve the itching of the new teeth coming in) I have become proficient of changing her mattress cover with only one hand. Which reminds me of last year when I learned to put on mascara one handed while holding a colicy baby in the other. I can't believe that on Saturday it will be a year since I had my little baby.

Today is the last day of school before summer. Isabels kindergarden class has invited the parents to come early to enjoy a little summer concert of the songs they have learned this year. I am so excited. My little girl is getting so big.

Friday was birthday celebration day for all the summer birthday kids. Isabels birthday is July 1st and she had decided that she needed to bring cake for everyone in her class and she also wanted to give all her teachers a gift. Unfortunately that means that mom has to come to the rescue.

Thanks to this blog that I found a while back. I knew exactly what I could make quick and easy and still be proud to give. Post it Note holders. I am so happy with the ones I made. It only took me about 20 minutes to make and most of the time was spent finding the supply and putting it back again.

Isabel was proud to give and the teachers glad to receive them.

My hubby stepped in to help when he heard about the cake. He found two boxes of brownie mix in the cupboard that was leftover from our brownie craze last fall. So while he made them, he sent me out to go shopping for supplies.

I wanted to decorate the brownies, but knew I had to use a frosting that would harden so that I could wrap them into plastic for the kids to bring home from school.

My solution was purple chocolates from Wilton.

I melted half a bag of chocolates with 6 Tbs of margerin and added powder sugar till it got the consistency I wanted. Then I carefully spred it over the brownies and added the flowers for decor.

After I was all done I wrapped them all in plastic bags. 23 brownies for her whole class. 1 left over. It looked so lonely...
I had to take a bite... Ups forgot to take a picture. There it is.
One very tasty, gooey piece of brownie. Good thing I had already wrapped the others. Otherwise there might not have been any leftovers when I was done.

Umm, brownies...

So for the kids birthday party on Saturday I will make a chocolate cake with a chocolate rainbow made from the same chocolates that I used on Thursday. It is going to be gorgeous.

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