Saturday, June 5, 2010

Norway musings

This is the view from my aunt and uncles house in Norway where I just spent three weeks.

I first came here when I was 11 years old and my uncle had taken over the farm after his father, my grandfather. Him and my aunt had just moved in together and I came there with my mom to meet her. My first memory of my aunt is of her sitting in the dining room, almost 9 months pregnant and with a terrible cold. She gave birth to my second youngest cousin only weeks later.

I would go there with my mom every other Easter or every other Christmas and every single summer. It was paradise on earth. There was always a full house with their four bedrooms filled to the rims. It is still just like that. My youngest cousin is now the only one still living at home while my second youngest cousin who just turned 20 has moved out. But when family is in town then everyone comes home to visit.

I had to laugh at my husband while we were there. He was asking me if it wasn't nice to not having to do my usual chores while visiting. I don't know what planet he was on. Since my family were all at either work or school, I ended up helping out at the house. Instead of doing chores for 4 people, I were doing chores for 7 to 10 people. Cooking, cleaning, doing laundry and helping 2 instead of one with homework. Still I enjoyed it.

I can't wait to go back again and I know I will get to do so next summer. My best friend and also my cousin 6 times removed is getting married to her love of 10 years. And I and the kids are going to be there for her.

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