Friday, August 12, 2011

My trip home

It was so nice to be on vacation, hanging out with my family and not having to worry about a thing, but coming home was nice too.

I will have to write about Saturdays wedding at a later time, but I wanted to tell you all that it was the best wedding I think I have ever been too. (Disclaimer: I have only been to three, one being my own). Isabel turned out to be a party animal and a dancing queen, when everyone else under the age of 18 had left and gone home by midnight, she was going strong till 2am.

Our trip home started already on Saturday July 30th when my aunt and uncle took Isabel with them up to their home in Senja, we would later meet up at the wedding in Tromsoe. Monday August 1st my parents took Sofie and me to their home in Melbu. Wednesday August 3rd was my dads 67th birthday and my parents took Sofie and me to Harstad where we said our good byes and took the boat up to Tromsoe. Thursday Sofie and I went shopping. Friday we did some shopping and then hung out with family. Saturday was the wedding. Sunday we hung out with family and said our good byes before packing.

Monday (Norwegian time) was the big day for flying home. The trip from leaving the house we stayed at in Tromsoe till we walked in the door at home took altogether 18 hours which is a new record as my plane is usually delayed or something else just happens, (record for longest trip was 29 hours). So in US time we left at 11:30 PM Sunday and came home at 6:30ish PM Monday.

Isabel and I didn’t sleep at all going home, but at least I got Sofie to sleep four hours. Having to hold Sofie on my lap the whole time was hard, specially when she was screaming refusing to fall asleep. All I could do was just hold her and wait till she fell asleep. Thank goodness that we had a very kind grandmother sitting next to us who was very understanding.

Isabel kept herself entertained by playing on her DS and watching kids shows on the airplane TV. I am so grateful that they have enough kids shows to last the entire flight. Still don’t know why I had three carryon’s as the only thing the kids touched was Sofie’s babydoll, the snack, and the DS.

When we got home we went to bed at our regular bedtime. Tuesday morning we got up at our regular time and started doing or regular stuff like laundry and picking up around the house. Later we went to a park and met up with all of our friends.

I am happy to report that the only one really experiencing any jetlag is Sofie, but all things considered that is nothing.

So we are finally home and I will be back to regular posting again pretty soon, trying to get some crafts done in between. Just have to get my craft stash back as it is now in storage at my sister in laws house in wait for our future move.

Have a great weekend you all.

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