Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pictures from our sixth week


Sofie decided to help grandpa water the flowers, but ended up watering herself instead. I think I ended up with almost 70 pictures of this event, but these are the ones that really shows her play.


Every day Sofie will run back and forth between the old barn and the house either carrying or pulling her little truck or a couple of buckets.


Just across the fjord is several summer houses. I had never been there before and on the 25th of July we took a little trip over there after meeting one of the families at the grocery store a few days earlier and being invited over.

Turned out that we are all related too, my dad got to meet his fourth cousin and I a couple of my fifth cousins. My great great grandmother was the sister of their great great grandma and they even had a really nice picture of the two of them together.

It goes like this on my side counting down to my children

Great great great grandma Karen

Great great grandma Petrine

Great grandpa Lind

Grandpa Anders

Mom Marianne

Isabel and Sofie.

Isabel has managed to elude the camera again.

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