Monday, February 28, 2011

Easy wall art tutorial

I had a wall in my hallway that needed something on it. While my youngest daughter were sick last year I got some foam boards that were used as insulation in the boxes they shipped her medicine in, I kept two. My mom bought me some fabric last year and it fit perfectly with the wall color. Using some scraps of batting I had all I needed for some easy wall art.


Layer the fabric (best if ironed first), batting and the foam.


Using your trusty hot glue gun make a glue strip down one longs side. Press the fabric into the glue.


Use your paper stapler and put a few staples in while the glue is still hot. This step secures the fabric a little extra and the hot glue also secures the staples to the board.


Continue on all for sides, leaving the corners for last. Remember to pull the fabric taut to prevent any wrinkles.


Fold the corners nicely on the short sides and secure with hot glue and staples on the back.


I was fairly happy with them as is, but felt they needed something extra. A friend of mine recently taught me how to make a fabric flower, so I used some of the fabric to make two flowers, one for each.


Now the are hanging oh so pretty in my hall way.


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Simone @ Doberman's by the Sea said...

Hi Marianne, thanks for stopping by today. You have a cute blog.

Marie @ Chocolate-Covered Chaos said...

Wow, Marianne...we really DO have similar style:) I have something similar in my kitchen/dining room. I just framed some fabric and hung it on the wall for wall art. It looks great and is so simple. I love how yours wraps around the sides...I'll have to try that next time:) Love the flower, too!

Sandy Ang said...

The wall art looks so cool. I wish we had such lovely fabric over here.

Kristen said...

Wow. I love this idea!!!! So clever and it looks professional!

I am your newest follower. Come visit my blog too!!!!!