Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Finally done

I had a couple of things I needed to do in my house to give myself some peace of mind when it came to my daughters.

The most important one was childproofing my kitchen. So far the childproofing was rubber bands keeping the cabinet doors shut and removing anything that the little one shouldn’t get her hands on.

patrull safety catches ikea

A few weeks ago I bought these at IKEA and planned on putting them on as soon as I got home.

Well that brings me right over to my other problem. I didn’t take any before pictures as I couldn’t locate my camera, but just imagine everything that is hanging on the walls now, on the floor then.

CIMG3583 CIMG3584

My water tank storage room. (And these pictures are taken after the cleanup and no you will not be allowed behind the water tank, the only one able to get in back there is only 2 feet tall anyways)

This is where my oldest one keeps her outdoor clothes and her backpack. This is also where we store tools, outdoor clothes, cleaning supply, animal equipment, bags and purses. Needless to say that it was a mess.

To put the child safety catchers on I needed my drill. My drill was in the back of the storage room, under the mess. I couldn’t get to it without first emptying the whole room.

So I procrastinated…

Finally on Friday I decided to take care of the mess. I pulled everything out of there. Sorted through everything, dirty, broken, can go somewhere else and so on. Then I found some hefty hooks in my tool box, located the beams and drilled them in. Now everything is hanging neatly on strong and sturdy hooks.

And since I had my drill out, I decided to tackle the safety catchers too. After waking up from her nap, there were a very confused little girl who could not understand why she couldn’t play her favorite game anymore of pulling everything out of mommy’s drawers.

Why I didn’t do it sooner beats me as I now feel like I can breathe easier knowing that little one can’t get into trouble in the kitchen and big one won’t get into trouble because she can’t find space for her back pack anywhere but on the hall floor.

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