Monday, October 10, 2011

Wedding gift


On October 1st my husbands stepsister got married to the man of her life. We were so fortunate that we got to go up to Vancouver BC. to celebrate the day with them and we wanted to bring a thoughtful gift even though they had asked for no gifts as their apartment is very small and they really couldn’t fit anything more there.

My first thought was that we should make a date for them, but we live to far away to set up something special. Then I thought of one of me and my husbands favorite things to do before we had kids, cooking together and having picnics.

I went to JoAnn and found a perfect little picnic basket, a couple of towels and two candles. Then to Trader Joe and found some crackers and tapenade for an appetizer, pasta and a sauce for dinner, chocolate covered ginger for dessert and a bottle of red wine to enjoy with it all.


I wanted to make the towels a little special and found this H in one of the fonts on my pc. I printed it out on freezer paper (just make sure it is the ruff side up in the printer) and then cut out the black part, ironed it on the towels and used black fabric paint on a sponge to fill in the cutout. I love freezer paper stenciling. They turned out just perfect.

I assembled everything in the basket using some red ginger ribbon to make bows matching the basket and added a card. I really hope they enjoy this little gift.

A wedding gift really doesn’t have to be expensive, it is all about the thought you put into it.

What was you favorite wedding gift or what is your go to staple when it comes to giving wedding gifts?

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