Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Adding to it and scheduling it

Last week I decided I needed to do something about how being a procrastinator makes me feel.
I had plans of retiring from the board of directors of the homeowner association, but that didn’t happen as I got re-elected.
I also had plans of spending one day a week working on my house and one day a week working on my crafts.
Instead I decided to help my neighbor who was overwhelmed teaching full time and taking care of her home and her 7 month old baby while her husband is working and going to school full time.
So instead of finding time to work on my to do list, I have added to it and now I got even more on my plate.
I have decided to break my list into smaller to dos for each week and try to get through one thing at the time.
I started yesterday by setting a goal for crafting this week. I will have time to work on that tomorrow while Sofie is napping before I pick Isabel up from school.
This week I am planning on doing the following tasks:
  • Reorganize my pantry
  • Wash pets food bowls I admit they are not a priority
  • File HOA paperwork
  • Wash bathtubs I’d love to end the week in the tub
  • Bath dog and do flea treatment on the dog and cat however I will not give her a bath if it is still raining like it has the past few days or weeks or whatever

I believe this to be doable. Scheduling myself on Google has really helped and I am caught up on Bible study, newsletter and more or less the blog.

I am now scheduled to clean my mils house every Wednesday and my neighbors every other Monday. My house I take when I feel like it needs it.

Better get going and go to bed now. It will be a long day tomorrow with a long to do list.

Linking up with Amy at New Nostalgia and her Anti Procrastination Party.

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Anna said...

Good luck! I'm pretty great at procrastinating myself.