Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Easy taco fish

Some days when I want to make fish I find that I don’t have time to do too much work on it. If I have fillets in my freezer I will put them on the pan with a lid over it and turn the heat on medium high. Keep an eye on it and let them cook in the damp until the fish turns opaque. Let any extra moisture drain of and add a jar of Salsa to the pan with a a couple of tablespoons of cream cheese. As soon as it is all mixed up it is done. I always count at least one fillet per person.


A great side dish that I make a lot is Quinoa mixed with sauteed vegetables. This time I cut up a few thin asparagus, some bell pepper and red onion. I sauteed it with some olive oil, salt and pepper.


Quinoa is so easy to make. Easier than rice as I always manage to burn my rice. The measurement is the same as rice, one cup quinoa to 2 cups water or broth. I always make extra to keep in my fridge and for this dish I had some leftover from a few days ago that I dumped in the pan with the veggies and heated it up right before serving it.


I served the fish and quinoa in flour tortillas, but forgot to take a picture of it. My family loves this dish and so do I as it only takes me 15 minutes from start to finish to make it.

Hope this can inspire you to experiment with fish. It is easy and healthy and made with Tilapia it won’t even taste like fish if you are like my sister who don’t like anything that tastes like fish.

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