Tuesday, March 22, 2011

So much done, but more left to do…

I got my whole list done last week. I gave the dog a bath and flea treatment, washed the pet food bowls, washed the bathrooms, filed all my HOA paperwork and re organized my pantry. I even rearranged my furniture in the master bedroom and it looks so much better now. I will show it off when I am all done with all the little changes I am making in there.


Please, let me introduce you to my pantry aka the craft storage, aka the toy storage, aka the office… yes it is a little schizophrenic but we can live with it. From top to bottom. Top two shelves are random stuff that we rarely use. Left side shelf #2 from the top store the coffeemaker and some cereal that sneaked its way into my grocery cart on Monday. Left side shelf #3 holds office supply, Easter egg, candles, ketchup, soy sauce and other condiments. Right side shelves #2,3 and 4 holds food items. One long shelf hold all of the kids art supply, games, books and play dough. Bottom shelf on left holds my HOA file organizer and right now my sewing machine, but should be my kitchen aide witch is in the kitchen right now. The floor holds two bins with ponies and trains, recycling, cat and dog food, a file holder and a flock of dust bunnies breading like crazy now that spring is here.

The black thing hanging over my recycling bin is my husbands coat that he would like me to fix the zipper on. What it does in the recycling I do not know, you would have to ask him that…


Since making a list last week actually made me get all done I figured I should do it again this week. The picture above is of my stairs and this is the first thing you see coming in to our house. A total disgrace. I know I am the culprit most of the time. We only have a small closet to keep all our outdoor clothes and shoes in by our entrance. This has caused me to put Isabel’s stuff in the storage room by the entrance, as you can see here. Sofie’s stuff is kept in a box on the stairs and some in the storage room with Isabel’s. To top it off we (I guess mainly me) tend to hang clothes over the gates too.

Isabel also like to drop her school work off on the stairs and her toys instead of taking it upstairs right away. I tend to throw purchases that is supposed to go upstairs half way up and then just leave it there. Clean Mama had a post today about On Your Way Up Baskets and I thought that that would be the perfect solution for me.

So this weeks list is:

  • Clean up stairs and find containers for it.
  • Put up curtain rods and curtains in the master bedroom.
  • Hang up shelf in master bathroom.
  • Repot my indoor plants.
  • Buy some new plants for my patio.
  • Springify my mantle.
  • Decorate the entrance.

I am counting on you to keep me accountable :)

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Rose @ Confessions of a Curbshopaholic said...

Wow! You got a lot done last week! I simply need to get back to making my lists...without them I just wander around aimlessly on the weekend.
Can't wait to see your solution for the stairs. Mine always have things waiting to go up too!

Clean Mama said...

Love the itso containers - thanks for sharing!