Sunday, March 27, 2011

Grateful Sunday 17


I am so grateful for

161. my children enjoying time at church.

162. Sofie starting to enjoy being read for and finding a favorite book in “Would they love a lion?”.

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163. being able to help neighbors.

164. being able to give my best friend a treat when she is going through a hard time.

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165. homemade cream puffs.

166. my little girl who loves going on bike rides.

167. spring finally being here and us being able to barbeque again.

168. my kids illnesses not affecting them much.

169. days of rest.

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170. inspirational books.

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Jenner said...

Thanks for your comments... I was doing a lot of pulling my hair out trying to get my blog to look decent today. Also, I wasn't aware that the bible took that stance on circumcision. I'll have to look up that scripture, thank you!!