Saturday, March 26, 2011

Our week in pictures

As usual I kept forgetting to take out my camera to take pictures of our days. Still I did take a few of the kids. Today I went to a library for a dance party for toddlers. I did bring my camera and Sofie was so cute with little pigtails and a skirt on, but I didn’t get a single picture. My friends were there too and they did take a few pictures of me and Sofie and I might be able to get some of them at a later time then.

Anyhow this is a glimpse of our week.

My mom saved a lot of my clothes when I was a kid. This little dress used to be mine and now I get to dress my baby girl in it. Her hair is getting so long now and every once in a while she’ll let me put it in pony tails. Not this day however.


Our everyday routine is to get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth and hair, pack back pack, watch a little TV and then walk to school. Here Isabel is getting her shoes on while trying to see the end of Sesame Street.  CIMG3956

Wednesday was a beautiful spring day and we had our first dinner outside for this season. It is time to put barbeque meals back on the meal planner again. We are loving it.

CIMG3968 CIMG3969

This Friday was Book character day at Isabel’s school and Isabel chose to be Cinderella. She didn’t want to “stress me out” by having me make her a new costume. She had a Cinderella costume that a friend had given her and all I needed to do was make her hair just like Cinderella has it when she goes to ball. She was so happy with her costume and she actually posed for the camera for once.

CIMG3978  CIMG3980 CIMG3981

How was your week?


Jenner said...

It must be nice to dine outdoors again! We won't be able to do that until at least May. Enjoy your sunshine!!

Beth said...

Such a beautiful week, with such beautiful daughters. Thanks for sharing! Your daughter is so considerate of you, what a sweetie. My MIL sent us a ton of my husband's, and his father's, clothes from when they were little. Yes, clothes from the early 1900's! Crazy, huh? Of course those clothes were so teeny, tiny, my children never could have worn them but it was fun to see what was in fashion for babies at that time. I have a few of them and want to do something with them, one of these days. I did put my boys in the little short-pants suits. Oh, they are so cute. I will try to find some of the photos of them and post them. These are little shorts, with suspenders, and jackets. Can you imagine our little ones wearing this kind of outfit today? Well, I guess I can, because I dressed them in them.

secondofwett said...

A whole summer in Norway...what great memories you and your children will have! The beach area looks very tanquil. Thanks for stopping by....I appreciate your comments.

secondofwett said...