Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A new fish dish


At our house we eat fish at least twice a week and sometimes I like to try something new. Normally I buy either Cod, Salmon, Halibut, Makrell or Tilapia, but this last time I went shopping I wanted to try a fish type that I had never heard of before.


I don’t know what kind of fish that is and I don’t know how to cook it. I don’t even have anyone to ask as no one I know knows how to cook fish other than Salmon.

So I decided to cook it the simplest way I know which is to lightly season it and then pan frying it in a tablespoon of oil.


I seasoned the fish with World Market Fish Rub Seasoning. It says it is good for any fish and I have used it before on Cod and liked it.


Pan fry the fillets till they are opaque and falling apart.


I decided to serve the fish with an easy wok consisting of broccoli, carrots and sweet peas seasoned with a little bit of soy sauce. I had some leftover bread from a meal the day before that I cut up and served with it too.


It was ok. It is not something I would make again I think, but the recipe itself is good for any fish really. I still have some Whiting left and I need to use it. Just hope I can find a recipe that works for this kind of fish.

Do you have any?

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