Monday, March 7, 2011

Three projects I really want to do soon

I really didn’t have time this week to craft a lot. I have however found a whole lot of different crafts I want to do when I do have time. Here are three of them.


Matchbox Car Organizer, from Pickup Some Creativity


Flower pillow by Allison of Cluck cluck sew.


Love notes by Little Birdie Secrets.

Thank you girls for sharing these ideas with the rest of us.


Danyelle said...

That car organizer would be fantastic. My daughters have a large shoe box full of matchbox cars that are constantly spread everywhere.

Sounds like you have pretty great neighbors too bringing you homemade donuts.

Sarah said...

It is so nice to "meet" you--thank you for commenting on my 1000 gift list. I sure wish my neighbors would read my mind a bit more...I'm wanting some chocolate cake! :)

The pillow and cards are just adorable and have given me some inspiration as well.

brooke said...

I LOVE that pillow!! So pretty.