Monday, July 5, 2010

The 10 Days Challenge

Jepp the 10 days are way over and am I done with my 10 tasks? No it just didn't happen. I just had to much on my plate. Still I feel I got a lot accomplished and I am happy with the outcome.

1. Party decor. Since both my kids birthday were within these 10 days I had one big birthday party to plan. Isabel wanted a rainbow party. I had managed to get used plastic table cloths for free that I cut up and made pompoms of. What was left of the table cloths were used as table cloth at the party. The only money I used was $9.99 for a pinjata, $5 for 4 ballons, $4 for plates, napkins and spoons.
The kids were so happy with their party and their decorations, and I had a lot of fun doing it for them.
2. I baked 5 bread and even blogged about it here.
3. I made a chocolate cake for the kids party. Isabel was so excited about her rainbow cake, but did comment that I had the colors in the wrong order.
4. Isabels quilt has been on my sewing table for weeks, but is pretty much untouched.
5. I managed to get the placemats all edged, but I still need to wash them. Then I might blog about that project too.
6. The newsletter does not have to be done until the end of next month and it will just have to wait probably till the last minute as usual.
7. Isabel got her summer backpack done. Snacks, sun lotion, bathing suit and towel, toys and drawing tools.
8. The car is ready for summer. We got the sun lotion, blankets, snacks, water and toys for just being able to go to the park anytime we decide without having to go home to pick up something. Love having it conveniently in my car at all times.
9. My house is relatively clean. I did clean the windowsills in our bedroom. Still need to do some more cleaning around the house, but it is shaping up as I am doing a little bit anytime I can.
10. The stroller is standing outside just waiting for me to have time and energy to go for a walk with Isabel, Sofie and Laika the dog.
Thank you Gina at The Shabby Chic Cottage for inviting us to join in on this challenge.
Now I am off to concentrate on getting my baby healthy.

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