Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Grateful Monday 5

holy experience
A few days late, but better late than never :)
I am so grateful for
41. yardworkers who are finally doing what they are supposed to do.
42. vacation bible school at our church.
43. a sandbox that brings a one year old and a six year old together in play.
44. Sofies giggles when I tickle her and blow her belly.
45. Isabel wanting to do chores the last few days, she is really pushing me to get things done.
46. the beutiful weather we have been blessed with lately.
47. Sofie finally being done with all the antibiotics and being healthy again.
48. quiet mornings with my coffee.
49. Sofie not getting hit by the laptop when it fell down from the ledge where it was left with the cords hanging down on the floor.
50. the familyfarm that will start delivering organic produce to us starting tomorrow.

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HippyChick said...

What family farm? We get ours from Klesick (sp?) but we haven't been happy with the quality of the fruit so we're thinking of changing to a diff farm or not getting any at all and going back to buying from the store.