Sunday, July 18, 2010

This week we are going camping. Well at least Jesse and Isabel are camping, while Sofie and I are mostly just driving. Due to Sofies doctor visit on Wednesday we will have to come home on Tuesday and then just drive back to the campsite on Wednesday after the doctor visit. That makes it four days of driving since we are going camping on Monday and coming home on Thursday.

It is all worth it though. I love the place we are camping, the tall trees, the ocean, the animals scurrying around, the ride there, the views and the peace. We have not gone camping for three years and Isabel is so excited. I am a little nervous of camping with Sofie since she is suffering from a congested nose and heart burn because of one of her antibiotics. Still I think it will be fine.

While we were in Norway we went for a long drive to visit the worlds biggest Troll and his wife. Seeing them made me think about out upcoming 9th anniversary. I want to grow old with my man, find a little farm in Norway, by the ocean to live at. Sitting side by side, looking out at the world, admiring our grandchildren. That it has already been nine years since we got married is almost hard to believe. Time flies. It has not been easy, but we have managed.

I really want to buy him something nice or make him something for our anniversary. This is the second year that I actually remember our day. The first time was last year and I got it a day late, but usually it is him remembering it and me forgetting it and hence me getting surprised every year. When Wednesday comes I want to be able to surprise him with something and I have three days to figure something out. I have a plan that involves either the traditional pottery or the contemporary leather gifts and cake from one of our favorite cake places.

It will be a busy week for me, but I will try to find time to relax, to read, to blog, to get some chores done.

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