Monday, July 12, 2010

Lists, lists and more lists.

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My goodness did I get surprised yesterday. Almost every Sunday my mother in law invites the whole family over for Sunday dinner. Yesterday since the weather was so nice I decided to bring the kids over earlier than I usually do. She wasn't home when we got there, but arrived from the grocery store a little later.

While she was preparing dinner, I joined her in the kitchen for some chit chat. We don't spend much time together and seldom talk together, but since Isabel was outside playing and Sofie was sleeping we finally had a chance. She has for the past few years run her own business as a personal chef and for the first time she is fully booked. On top of that she has a part time job in research for a university. Needless to say that she is too busy for her own good.

House work has got on the back burner and she has found herself unable to keep up with the cleaning. She knew I used to help my old neighbor with her housecleaning and that since my neighbor died I have only had my own house to take care of. So yesterday she asked me if I would like to make some money cleaning her house when ever I have time.

Sweeet. Now I just have to come up with a plan for when, how and what I will do it. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are the days that work best for the both of us. She works from home on Tuesdays and Thursdays and that is the two days that my husband has off every week so I don't want to go anywhere then. My kids have a ton of toys at her house, she has a huge yard and my oldest loves to play with the neighborhood kids. No problem bringing the kids then.
This week I will catch up at home on Monday. Take Sofie to the doctor and meet friends down town on Wednesday. Take care of the main living areas of my mother in laws house on Friday.
That is the plan at least, but in the midst of writing this post I broke my little toe on my right foot on the baby gate. Just the last thing I needed. Going to sit with my foot up high with ice on my toe for the rest of the night.
Got the laundry done and the kids bathroom re organized today.
No more procrastinating now. Here we go
Day one
Family room, living room and kitchen
1. Remove all cobwebs
2. Dust all surfaces
3. Clean kitchen fan filter
4. Vacuum
5. Clean floors.
Day two
1. Remove all cobwebs
2. Dust all surfaces
3. Vacuum
4. Clean windows outside/inside
5. 10 minute cleanup of bathrooms
Day three Day four
Kitchen Bathrooms
1. Clean cupboards
2. Clean ceiling
3. Clean walls
4. Clean fronts and sides of counters
5. Clean floors in kitchen and living room
Day four
1. Clean bathtubs
2. Clean shower heads
3. Clean counters
4. Clean toilets
5. Clean floors
After I am done with this it really shouldn't take me long to clean her house once a week. It is all about getting it really clean once and then just keep it up and once a month do one deep cleaning in one spot.
But first I will have to get some done at home. No more procrastinating here, but my toe hurts too much so it will have to wait till another day.

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Amy Bowman said...

your poor toe! hope you feel better, good job getting a plan going!