Monday, July 12, 2010

Grateful Monday

holy experience

Right now I'm grateful for

21. my husband being healthy again.

22. my friends offering to watch my kids for me.

23. being able to treat my youngest daugther at home with the help of the home nurses.

24. PIK lines making me able to give my youngest her IV antibiotics myself every day.

25. my mother in law hiring me to clean her house for her.

26. my lovely gas barbeque that enables me to make dinner on hot summer days.

27. doctor offices that understand when a mom is frazzled, crying on the phone because she got lost on her way to said office.

28. oxyclean products that really get my carpet clean after the dog threw up on it.

29. a day of rain after days of sun.

30. having a small condo making keeping it up so much easier.

Why I am finding it so hard to write this list every Sunday/Monday?

1 comment:

Annesta said...

I stopped by today from Anne's site and enjoyed my visit here. I join you in gratitude for products that clean when we have a nasty mess, mother in laws who lovingly help us out, and for your husband being healthy again.
I would also like to suggest that it may be hard to think of gifts because the evil one does not at all want us to have gratitude in our hearts. The listing of our gifts is a life changing event. Perhaps if each night before you go to bed you just jot down two or three gifts from the day, then on Sunday or Monday you will have your complete list.
grace and peace to you