Tuesday, March 1, 2011

So much to do; a new To Do List

I got up this morning all ready to write this post and ready to start todays tasks of taking care of some of the things on my To do list. Just as I was about to start, both kids started to cry. The oldest woke up from a nightmare, all wet from yet another accident and she woke the  little one up. So needless to say, my morning ended up in changing a bed, giving one kid a shower, and doing all the other things I have to do every morning. My blog however did not get updated. So here we go…

I now I have several To do lists floating around on my blog, but being the procrastinator that I am I have not really done anything to finish those tasks.

Well since we have finally decided to make a move the summer of 2012 I have a lot that needs to get finished. We still have not figured out whether or not we should try to sell or try to rent out our condo. Either way I need to get the place ready.

Living room

  • Paint walls a new color
  • Paint floor boards white again
  • Change flooring or get the carpet cleaned.
  • Repaint the fireplace
  • Clean thoroughly

Under stairs storage

  • Sort, Sell, Give away.


  • Paint floor boards white
  • Paint front door white, maybe ask HOA if I can do a different color?
  • Paint doors white
  • Repair corners on the walls
  • Wash the walls

Powder room

  • New light fixture


  • Finish ceiling with trim and white paint
  • Clean thoroughly
  • New sink
  • New counter top
  • Oil my baking table
  • Get a new/used dishwasher

Dining room

  • Finish trim
  • Repaint the white
  • Paint doors white


  • Sand or put new trim on the banisters
  • Repaint trim white
  • Repair corners on walls

Master bedroom

  • New curtains
  • Get new bed frame
  • Sell, Give away all my books
  • Sort papers
  • Throw out or fix bookshelf
  • Repaint night stand

Master bathroom

  • Paint light yellow maybe?
  • Hang towel shelf over toilet (not sure though because I don’t think it is the same metallic finish as the fixtures and knobs in there)
  • New light fixtures
  • Fix shower fixture
  • New shower curtain
  • Clean thoroughly
  • Frame the mirror or new mirror


  • New light fixture
  • Organize and clean up the laundry closet
  • New shower curtain
  • Frame the mirror or new mirror


  • Paint a neutral color
  • Rearrange furniture
  • Purge closets
  • Make more grown up


  • Clean decks
  • Plant flowers
  • Decorate

How many times have I listed this list? Way to many times… It is time to stop procrastinating, but how am I supposed to attack this list? Oh well, I guess I’ll get there, but if you have any suggestions please share.

Short list though

  • Clean stroller and put up for sale
  • Go through pictures
  • Make new blog header
  • Make blog button
  • Make blog button scrolling
  • Stretch my blog

Hoping to get this all done by next Tuesday with one task a day.

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Beth said...

Imressive list! You are smart to get started on your move now. This is a well-thought out plan, too. Besides, while your kids are stilll needing you, you have to have more time for big projects, like moving. Even though your morning didn't work out like you had hoped, it is so good to be able to be there when your kids need you most. This time goes by so quickly so hang in there.

Incidentally, we love IKEA meatballs. Whenever I make the trip, I always bring a couple bags home. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I love hearing from you.