Monday, August 30, 2010

Almost there

I know Amy at New Nostalgia is not doing her Anti-Procrastination Tuesday today, but I will still post an entry in relation to this as I really need it to keep me on track.
I am almost there. I have almost created my own blogparty. I just need some help.
I just can't figure it out.
Ok, first off. I did manage to make my own blog party button using Picnik. One thing to cross off my list. I just have not managed to figure out how to put it in my blog with the Html code for others to use it too. What I want to be able to do is putting it in the sidebar just like Amy at New Nostalgia has it. (I would have e-mailed and asked, but I can't figure out how to bypass outlook and use g-mail instead when trying to e-mail other bloggers :s)
As soon as I figure this out, please someone help me, I will launch my party. It really needs to be done soon though. Till then I will be doing more research and work on that first post.
I am trying to clean up my blog too, but it is more of a work in progress than a thing I can cross off and say that it is now done. I have a plan at least and that is half the job just there.
Anyways, I have hung the new curtains in the kids bedroom and I am so happy with them. It looks great and the room is darker and cooler.
The new design for my mantel is done. I will make a shelf similar to my shelfs and tables from IKEA, that way it will tie in with the rest of my furniture. We will try to sell our place furnished and making the shelf match the rest might help. We will also paint the wall of the fireplace a darker color than the rest of the walls, most likely a blue.
I have contacted two of my friends and asked what times would work for them to meet up this year. To top it off I am planning to do this with other groups of friends too. I realize that I will only be here a few more years and I am therefore trying to live in the now and spend as much time as possible with the friends I have been blessed with here.

As for the chore charts, that is a work in progress too. I am still trying to figure out how I want to do it and what actually need to be on it. It might actually be easier to just wait till after school starts to finish this one.
I have also managed to save up enough money to buy a pair of running shoes. Now I just have to start running. I will give you an update on that later.
I have not started to work on any of the rooms yet, but I have been doing a lot of research and planning and I will write more about it later as well.
Isabel had her surgery today and is doing okey. The doctor says that the worst day will be Wednesday. For the next few days I will have to make sure she takes her pain medicin every four hours. I am not sure how much I will be able to do while she is recovering. I am however hoping to do a few things.
By next Tuesday I hope to
  • take Isabel to the hairdresser and make a before and after picture of her.

  • make an ad to sell some of the baby stuff, toys and clothes that we have.

  • keep fixing up my blog and actually start my party.

  • make a tutorial.
  • clean out my car.

Should be doable and I might even be able to add to that, but I just don't want to get overwhelmed right now.

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Beth said...

Did you figure anything out yet? I don't know if I will make the most sense, but I'll try to help. You can email me at if you would like. For accessing gmail directly, go to and click the gmail link at the top of the page, to the left. You should be taken to a page where you can enter your username and password. Outlook has that information stored so it does it automatically but hopefully you know what they are. A lot of people forget since they don't enter it all the time.
For the html code, you need to go to blogger and access your dashboard and go into settings for your blog. From there, you will find the sidebar you want to edit. You add the html code in that. Blogger has some help pages if I am not making sense. Feel free to email me, too. beth (fellow Northwesterner)