Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I am armed with my trusty handheld vacuum cleaner

7:20 AM - I am armed with my trusty handheld vacuum cleaner in one hand this morning. My house is filled with dust bunnies and crumbs. My other hand is armed with a wet microfiber cloth for all the sticky residue my children leave all over the place.

I am up for a 10 minute challenge. How much can I get done in 10 minutes? Well considering the fact that I do use about 6 times 10 minutes, a lot gets done.

7:30 AM - For my first 10 minutes I will straighten up my dining room, vacuum the chair seats, the floor and clean of all the stickiness. Ready, set, go...
10 minutes gave me time to do all that and empty the new bag of dog food into its container and clean up around the container. Wow, I can feel my pulse going.

7:40 AM - Then up to get the baby and get her ready for her busy day.

7:45 AM - Sofie is downstairs now with me eating her breakfast. Kitchen here we go... Put away clean dishes. Make breakfast for Isabel and get lunches ready to go.

8:00 AM - Kitchen is done. Sofie gave most of her breakfast to the dog. Guess I'll just have to make her some more and close the dog up in another room.

8:45 AM - Both kids are up and dressed. Isabel is eating her breakfast. I am finally starting on those lunches.

8:55 AM - Lunches made and packed up. It is hard to stay on task when you have little ones who constantly need something, but the 10 minutes are keeping me concentrated on my task and I do get it finished.

I will do one last 10 minute cleanup and that is my living room.

9:00 AM - 9:10 AM - My house is yet again my sanctuary and since the kids and I will be out all day today I know it will stay this way till we get home again. I still need to vacuum, wash floors and little things like that, but the sheer fact that everything is all picked up is a soothing thought to me.

Have a wonderful day and get cleaning. Just remember it is all about cleaning the areas that means the most for you and letting go of the rest till another time. Tomorrow is yet another day and my vacuum cleaner and bucket is not going anywhere.

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