Sunday, August 8, 2010

Grateful Monday 7

holy experience
It has been a week of up and downs, but a lot of fun too.
This week I am so grateful for
61. Sofies blood work was finally perfect and she got to take her MMR vaccine.
62. having the best dad in the world, who has reached the ripe age of 66. Happy b-day pappa.
63. doctors being able to communicate with each other and with me, one less visit next week.
64. Isabels great humor and ability to be sarcastic like her mom.
65. cool nights and warm days.
66. a blogger community who really cares.
67. a husband who understand and care about my concerns for our family and wants changes too.
68. kids that love playing together.
69. a daugther that loves her moms creations regardless of all imperfections.
70. my cat feeling better after getting a shot of antibiotics at the vet for his high fever.

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*Nikki* said...

you know i have stopped doing this and i don't know why..thank you for getting me motivated again!