Sunday, August 29, 2010

Grateful Monday 10

holy experience
After a somewhat frustrating week it is good to sit down and think back on all the good things in life that I am grateful for.
91. My mom teaching me the importance of strategy when cleaning.
92. The independency and helpfulness that Isabel is showing.
93. Time to do what is important; being with family and friends.
94. Good food in good company.
95. Snuggles from a baby.
96. The sweet smell of newly bathed children.
97. The warmth and softness of a cat taking a nap with you.
98. The baby taking a three hour nap on the day I really needed her to.
99. Bananabread that was actually not a total disaster, but actually eatable.
100. Skinnyjeans that makes me look 10 pounds lighter.
(just don't take a picture of me in my new jeans to show me though)

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