Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm not a quilter/quitter

First of all, thank you so much to all of you who came over to my blog and took your time to write some encouraging words to me. I truly appreciate all your prayers and I have put my trust in God. Thank you too to Amy for your kind and wonderful words you wrote as you featured me yet again. I can't believe you even read my Gratitude post. That really means a lot to me.

My husband and I are doing better, but I am still struggeling with feeling overwhelmed with everything. I am now trying to take one week at the time and I try to spend some time by my sewing table being creative again as that calms my mind and makes me feel good. And from this good things are coming.

I am done. So incredibly done. A little over two years ago I started on a quilt for Isabel. She had fallen in love with a quilt at Land of Nod, but there were no way I could afford it. Instead I took her to my local fabric store where I picked out several fabrics that reminded me of the quilt she had picked out and I let her choose her favorites. Then I went to work on her quilt.

I chose a pattern from Pat Sloan's I can't believe I'm Quilting beyond the basics The Get to the Point quilt. It was difficult. I should probably have started out with somethings easier, but I thought I knew what I was doing. I have made many smaller quilts and they have always come out nicely, but this time I decided to do a twin size quilt. I don't know what I was thinking.

It has taken me over two years. A lot of procrastination in working on it and it has caused me a lot of procrastination in starting other projects because I never wanted to start something new before this was done. Still there is a lot of things I have learned in this process

1. I am not a quilter.
2. Neither am I a quitter.
3. I am not patient.
4. I don't read instructions very well.
5. Needles for my sewing machine costs a lot of money.
6. I am terrible at assembling the quilt.
7. When you don't assemble a quilt properly it does not look very nice when you then quilt it.
8. I have finally learned to do machine-sewn binding properly.
9. You are actually supposed to zigzag around the quilt to close the raw edges and then trim the backing and batting.
10. Potholders are a fun and easy project to do.

Since I finished the quilt, I have made two sets of potholders. They are so fun and easy to make and I have already given one set to my mother in law. I now have a few more projects on my planner, but first I have to finish up a few smaller projects that just need the finishing touches.

Thank you for coming over to visit.
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Susan said...

The quilt and potholders turned out beautifully Marianne! I just finished a quilt for my daughter that took 7 years total from start to finish...I understand how sometimes the process is longer than we'd like with projects. But, I have more started...:)

Marie @ Chocolate-Covered Chaos said...

The quilt is beautiful, Marianne! I have one in the frame right now that was supposed to be a "quick one". Ha! Meanwhile, I'm procrastinating on the quilt for my oldest son, because I know it's going to be tricky. Plus...I really hate cutting the fabric. That's my least favorite part! I need someone to get me beyond that...then, maybe I'll get somewhere:)
Potholders are great! I made potholders galore a few years ago and gave them as Christmas gifts. Yours are lovely! And now you can sit back and smile at the quilt that your daughter will always treasure:)

Beth said...

Great lessons, and I love the fabric choices. Thanks for sharing about your quilt, and about finishing! I agree, finishing the project, in time, is the goal. Your pot holders are great, too. What a good use of the extra fabric.

Driftwood Girl said...

Those potholders and quilt are beautiful! You did a fabulous job. Oh, I admire you so much for completing it! I have an under the sea quilt I started for my Baby Boy over 2 yrs ago and it has lain neglected for a while, so I know how hard it is to finish when you're just not a quilter. And mine isn't even as complicated as yours! Wow, it looks amazing.

And I'm so thankful your relationship is improving with your husband! I've been praying for you since last Tuesday when I read your post and will continue praying. It was just so personal that I wasn't sure if I should comment on it. I know I've written posts in the past that were extremely personal and I didn't really write it for anyone's input, more to vent than anything else. But I did want to let you know there are people that visited your blog and are supporting you in prayer just like me. Keep your beautifully determined attitude. I hope you have a wonderful week! *HUGS*

Aimee said...

The quilt and potholders are BEAUTIFUL! Hey, please pat yourself on the back. I can't even sew! I'd love to know how. You accomplished it and got it finished and I bet your daughter loves it.

So happy to hear things are getting better with your hubby and that you have been encouraged so much during an overwhelming and difficult time. (((Hugs)))

Marie @ Chocolate-Covered Chaos said...

Hey Marianne~ Thanks for your sweet and encouraging comments about my chore list. It only looks like I'm that organized. I feel like I'm not...and that's why I need the list. Some weeks, we don't get the upstairs vacuumed. Some weeks, I scrub the toilets and skip the tubs. And you know...I'm okay with that. At least, this helps me to keep track of things. I understand about your husband not joining in. My hubby never really knew what to have the kids do. So at least now it's written down. Also, it seems to work well if I have the kids check each other. (Yours are younger, so I'm not sure it would work yet.) When one boy finishes his chores, the other one is supposed to "check" his work. If I discover later on, that boy #1 didn't do his job, then boy #2 has to complete it with him, since he should have caught it. They seem to take their jobs more seriously this way...nobody wants to do double chores! :) I've seen so many different great systems out'll find the one that works for you.
Still praying for ya, by the way:)

Amy Bowman said...

Oh how this post and these comments make me so happy!

The quilt is so great and special, I'm so proud of you for finishing it!!

You ladies that have commented above, I love knowing your faces and hearts, and I feel so blessed that you all continue to link up to AP Tuesdays. I see you encourage each other and I know it makes the Big Guy smile, too.

Our Lives said...
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Our Lives said...

Love the quilt and the potholders are beautiful! It is so wonderful to see someone finish a quilt project because I know how long it could take. I quilt but have not touch that craft for a long time. Mainly due to not having enough time. LOL! Good to see improvement of you and your hubby as well!
Blessings. ♥

HippyChick said...

The quilt is beautiful! I'd love to get into quilting, but at this time in my life I neither have the time nor the machine (let alone the money to buy one!). I've set aside some of my favorite baby clothes that the boys wore and hope to make 2 quilts out of them someday.

Julia said...

What a beautiful quilt! I love all of the colors and patterns that you chose:). Great job!!