Monday, August 23, 2010

Getting somewhere

I actually got a lot done last week.

Tuesday was Sofies surgery and since it didn't take as long as I anticipated we spent the whole day at the beach. Fun for Isabel and relaxing for me as Sofie slept most of the day.

Wednesday I got the upstairs cleaned, I shopped for clothes for Isabel and a MOPS steering meeting in the evening. That sure felt good.

Thursday my husband, kids and I all went to Point Defiance Zoo. We had never been there before and it was awesome. We loved the Walruses and Meerkats. Even though it rained as we got there, the weather turned out beautiful and Jesse got a little sunburned as usual.

Friday I was supposed to go blueberry picking, but ended up going on a ferry ride with a very good friend and her kids. It was a good way of spending the day.

Saturday was filled with two birthday parties and the best part was that I got to go by myself to the first one while my sister in law watched the kids.

Sunday we went to church, then had coffee at the mall with good friends before going home to make plans for the start of school.

Monday I managed to clean my mother in laws house in 1.5 hour. Good for her as she gets a very clean house, but bad for me as I get paid hourly. Oh well, I had friends invited over for lunch and I actually made a really good lunch for once. Okay, that sounds bad, but we are a peanut butter and jelly sandwich kind of family. This time though I went all the way out and made Italian sausage omelet and fruit salad with thin buns. Oh so good.

Last week I promised myself that I would get something done till today. I've not done all of it, Isabel still needs a haircut, still got no pictures of the kids, still need to make banana bread, but I bought new curtains for the kids room and I got some paint samples that I am trying around the house to see what will work. I am also making design drawings of my rooms to see what I need and try to find how much it will cost me to fix the place up.

School is starting up September 7th and I have big plans for this next school year. It will be busy, but I am planning a few things:

  • my own blog linkup party
  • baking and making more tutorials
  • fixing up one room at the time in my home
  • work on keeping myself and my family organized
  • starting to exercise and actually stick to it

I have to learn how to make my own buttons and I have to get to my husbands computer to get more pictures to showcase on my blog.

By next Tuesday I will have: contacted friends to set up times to meet on a regular basis for the next year; made chore charts for the whole family; hung the curtains in the kids room; clean up my blog; design a new mantel for the living room.

Thanks again for your encouragement and prayers for my kids. Isabel is due for her surgery having her adenoids and tonsils removed and ear tubes put in on Monday the 30th. And thanks to you who read this far today. I guess I had a lot on my mind. Looking forward to visiting you all later.


Our Lives said...

Great job Marianne! You've accomplished a great deal last week! School is starting with us too nexr Monday. We are doing a "test drive" on our schedule for this week. What is your link party theme going to be?

Marie @ Chocolate-Covered Chaos said...

You did get a lot done! Great job! I bet you feel more relaxed having all that crossed off. At least, that's how I am:) Can't wait to hear what your link party will be about.

Peggy said...

I wanted to say thank you for dropping by! So do you know how to make buttons? I would love to learn!! A friend in Alaska used to make buttons from moose horns and birch branches. They were really cool but I never got around to it.