Monday, August 2, 2010

Grateful Monday 6

holy experience
I am a little uninspired lately, but I will sit down and look into myself and rediscover my blessings of this week.
This week I have been grateful for
51. Vacation Bible School that Isabel actually loved.
52. good friends that help a friend out when she is in an awkward situation.
53. the lab assistant at our doctors office that hits right on when taking blood from Sofie.
54. my mom who bought me a good supply of needles for my sewing machine when she was here
55. Sofie still staying healthy and not having any relapses.
56. Isabel keeping Sofie happy and entertained in the morning while still in bed.
57. a baby who sleeps in till 10 in the morning.
58. my husband working so hard to provide for us.
59. an empty calender slowly filling up.
60. my husband baking chocolate chip cookies just because.


Annesta said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. I join you in gratitude for a husband that works hard to provide for his family, for a baby who sleeps late in the morning and for moms who bring us gifts.
Blessings to you

Marie @ Chocolate-Covered Chaos said...

So glad to hear that Sofie is doing better. I'm sure you're still recovering...our world, as 'Mom', comes to a screeching halt when our babies get sick. (not to mention the housework that does NOT stop!) Praying you feel refreshed and renewed today. Thanks for stopping by my blog and the super sweet comments you left!