Monday, June 20, 2011

Felt activity kit

I made a few more items for the kids to play with while travelling. Kristi over at {Extraordinary Moments in an Ordinary Life} made these Felt Play sets for an upcoming road trip. I didn’t make mine exactly like hers, but kept to the same idea and I only made two as there is only so much we can take with us on the plane.


One desert type landscape for their dinosaurs. I was going to put in a volcano there just like Kristi, but I didn’t have red or orange felt.


Then I made a barn setting for their farm animals.

Isabel is very excited to play with these and I hope Sofie will like them too.

I just love the fact that they have carrying handles and that I can put the toys inside them when they are not in use. It was such a fun and easy little project to do and I actually managed to make a good dent in my felt stash.

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Kristi said...

I'm so excited that my stuff inspired someone else!! I think that's a big compliment! Thank you!