Thursday, June 16, 2011

Teacher gifts at the end of the year

It is a dangerous thing being a blogger and following other blogs. 1. you get inspired to make and do so much, 2. you want to make something a little original, 3. you learn that it is common to give gifts to teachers and those who work closely with your kids at school.

This year I got to volunteer at the annual Walk a Thon at Isabel’s school and I took lots of pictures of Isabel’s class mates and teacher. I figured it would be nice for her teacher to get a little memory photo book at the end of the year and decided to buy a kit to make on since I am not really a scrap booker.

I found a school kit and a little album at Big Lots and had some pictures printed out. In about one hour I had this all done.


The first page is just a note saying to and from.


On the second page I had Isabel write five things she like about her teacher. She was really cute about it and wrote some really nice things about her teacher.


In the middle I had another little place for Isabel to write something. We decided that it would be nice if she wrote the names of all the kids in her class here. I really love the colors of the set I got.


When school started last fall Isabel had a hard time every morning being hysteric about whether or not there would be any fire alarm testing that day at school. She has very sensitive ears and has some anxiety. The school counselor and her therapy dog then promised Isabel that she would come and get her whenever there would be any sort of alarm testing at the school. This really made a difference in our daily life.

One day though there was a fire alarm test scheduled, but it was raining hard. Still she came and got Isabel and they stood outside waiting in the rain for the alarm to go off. Instead it got changed to an earthquake training. According to Isabel they were very wet and the counselor could need a big umbrella. We found a very big umbrella that I embroidered {Seek Cover} on. Then we bought a bone for Ernie. Isabel is so excited to give this to them tomorrow.


For our cross guard and a couple of other chosen people at Isabel’s school we have made a few magnets. I love how the little apple looks so big and shiny like this.

A big thank you to those of you who teach our children in the schools today. With all the budget cuts and the pressure there is from both parents, community and government today I know it is a very stressful and demanding job. Thank you for hanging in there and doing such an awesome job.

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