Sunday, June 5, 2011

Grateful Sunday 24

231. I am so, so grateful for Sofie having all the upper airway infections this past year. July last year she was diagnosed with immune deficiency missing an antibody named IGG4. This Thursday I learned that she now has it. She still has immune deficiency as her bone marrow still is not producing the neutrophils like it is supposed to.

232. Warm spring days chasing the blues away.

233. A husband letting me sleep for 13 hours when I am not feeling well.

234. A cat who comes and lays across your computer when you try to get some work done.

235. Little girl overcoming fears and traumas in the doctors office by comforting big sister.  

236. A health team who really cares for my girls.

237. My great big barbeque, I am so going to miss it when I move.

238. My big girl taking little sisters hand and walking her around the park when little sister feels overwhelmed.

239. Offers that are in on the condo.

240. Hugs and kisses from little girls.


E said...

I love it when my husband lets me sleep too! It makes such a difference to have a chance to rest without guilt.

Miriam said...

Lovely post (and I'm following you now :),Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters